Too Late

By Kate Crisp

We saw it in the news,
No fear nothing to lose
Closer it crept and still no strife,
Care free we carried on with life

Europe fell the boot was kicked,
God knows why our clock still ticked
Yet on we marched, keep with the times,
We can’t stop now we’ll be just fine

With things to do, to buy and sell
So crack that whip eyes front, don’t dwell,
We watched and teased and threw our stones
Invincible in our glass home

We did not speak we were not hit,
But soon the first of us fell sick
One by one the numbers rose,
And still the town refused to close

A dozen lost till we took note
The island with no raft or boat
Stay home they said lives will be lost
Your fun and games aren’t worth the cost

They warned us but it was too late
It had already breached the gate
Too far gone and out of hand
We failed to stop so we were banned

From pubs and clubs no more to roam
Confined at last to our glass home.

Kate Valentine Crisp is a 24-year-old British poet, actress, performance artist, deviser, choreographer, and director based in London.

She wants to connect us all through storytelling. 

On Too Late: I wrote this poem the week lockdown happened. I was really inspired by War poetry rhyme schemes. It felt like a battle. 

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Tonia Kalouria
Tonia Kalouria
3 years ago

Hi! greetings from — Chagrin Falls, OHIO, USA. Really enjoyed your poem. I liked the rhyme aspect.
Stay safe,

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