Until It Was

By Rebecca Sheridan

With lockdown looming, I moved back to live with my mum in Essex and realised abruptly on a dog walk that I hadn’t seen a summer at home in a good few years. Poetry, I believe, is the most effective way for capturing a moment in time and for transcribing the affects of collective memory. That would be, like, my official answer. Colloquially, if you take 20 blurry pictures of a night out, you still manage to get a good impression of what you got up to and the pictures are probably best a little bit blurry anyway. Everyone has their own perspective on the night but put together the image is clearer.  So ‘Until It Was’ is my little snapshot of the lockdown from a town in South Essex.

Rebecca Sheridan is studying an MA in English Studies and Creative Writing. When she’s not scouring the margins of second-hand books, she can be found dabbling with visual poetry here: https://www.instagram.com/ic_r.us/

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