Two Poems

By J. L. Wright

The Fabric of Our Lives

antique satin

bamboo batik bunting

face-saver fibers
folded fabric
sewn safety
plaited protection

Not brocade or burlap

calico cambric canvas
charmeuse chintz chiffon

Not cheesecloth chenille or corduroy

Damask denim double-cloth

No faux fur felt or fishnet

face-saver fibers
folded fabric
sewn safety
plaited protection

gabardine Gore-Tex and gingham
hemp, interlock jersey, khaki, and Linen
muslin percale poplin, rayon
silk twill
Not ultra suede, velvet, or worsted wool
But multi layered zephyr cloth

face-saver fibers
folded fabric
sewn safety
plaited protection

Melt Down

Frozen in time
is sputum droplets
rubber bullets,
and “GO HOME!” orders.

Frozen in time
tears stick to faces
in anguish,
and Isolation.

Frozen in time
dew kissed lilies
wait for memorials,
and weddings.

Frozen in time
a large pot of rich broth
the food of all
and nations
simmers on
revolutionary fires.

J. L. Wright writes pandemic poems from her bedroom in northwest Washington State, USA. Her two hybrid books Unadoptable Joy and Homeless Joy are available through Amazon. You can also read her at her blog

Early on in the pandemic there was a lot of discussion about how to make your own masks. I considered the project and posed the question, which fabric would make the best masks. When I looked at Wikipedia at the list of types of fabrics I knew just what I needed to do. Alas, I ordered my online instead of sewing one.  

The pandemic poems continued to come. Melt Down came after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis where I was born. I believe society has the potential to come together for positive change during CoVid. The dinner table is always a good place to start. 

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