And In That Slow Time

By Catherine West-McGrath

We learned to live quite differently
We learned how to slow down our pace
We stopped to admire the view
The beauty surrounding our space

We noticed our neighbours anew
When sat in their garden or step
We nodded a how do you do’
Some new that we’d never yet met

We noticed the things on our street
Things hurriedly rushed by before
We looked at things curiously
Were thankful for food, nature’s store

We took care to structure our day
Made ceremonies last longer too
Like using a pot for our tea
Or letting the coffee beans brew

We shared recipes with our friends
And learned how to bake bread and cake
We learned we had talents and skills
And felt good for what we could make

We mended and sewed broken clothes
We found at last things to repair
We started to grow things from seed
And tended those seedlings with care

We took dusty books from the shelves
And read classic novels at dawn
We learned to recite childhood rhymes
And novels and screenplays were born

We framed photos sat in our drawers
And painted fresh scenes with a brush
Or captured a view for a print
So careful we didn’t need rush

We played games with children at home
Or camped in the garden at night
We chatted with friends on the phone
Our letters began to hand write

We saw those who care in new light
The nurses and drivers in blue
We sent thanks into the night sky
And in that slow time we all grew  

Catherine is from Lancashire. After working in senior management in the public and private sectors she moved over to the arts and loves creating stories, poems, songs, books and videos.

Instagram: catherinewestmcgrath

YouTube: Catherine West-McGrath: StoriesPoemsSongsCreativity

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Ann D Lipsitt
Ann D Lipsitt
2 years ago

Catherine, what a beautiful poem to read and hear. Each image was relatable, clear and poignant.

Belinda Subraman
Belinda Subraman
3 years ago

Nice poems and video.

Elizabeth Saxon
Elizabeth Saxon
3 years ago

Really like this. The title expresses so much, how slow this time seems. The rhythm of your lines is lovely.

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