Two Poems

By Elizabeth Saxon


The moon is on the wane
And so are we

Everything is pending
The burgeoning love we felt

These times have brought
All good things to
Harsh halt

When will our lives re-start?
Must I keep
All these feelings
In a vault?

I seek cold comfort in my bed
And long to feel and see

The moon wax full again
And with it, you and me

Stuck Together

We are tied up in the knots of love
And struggle to break free

Each in turn
Proclaims our self immune
From claims of family

Forced together now
We must adjust
The pivot’s tough

Yet some good things have come
We talk and laugh together late at night
Because we cannot run

Elizabeth Saxon lives in Chicago, Illinois.  Both her adult sons moved back in with her in March for the duration of the pandemic.

She copes by reading and writing poetry.

COVID Moon came about because she had just met someone when the lockdown began.  It was going well but trying to keep something new going by phone proved too difficult.

Stuck Together reflects the experience of young adults, just out of the house and starting to live their lives, then having to go back home.  We all need to focus on the bright spots in what often seems an untenable situation.  Resilience will get us through.  

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Marlene Woolgar
Marlene Woolgar
3 years ago

My feelings in a nutshell! Wonderful writing!

Elizabeth Saxon
Elizabeth Saxon
3 years ago

Thank you so much, you are very kind.

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