Two Poems

By Andy N

The Flowers

Out of our sight the flowers are coming into bloom
Like something is being said by Nature
Groaning silently in the breeze
Watching shadows dip early that morning

Metamorphosing across rings of truth
Of our days in isolation that spring
Before growing old in a matter of months
Out of the restless tension in all of our words

Moving itself along in a silent wisdom
Brushing itself in the air in a Buddhist prayer
Murmuring although this Spring could be ruined
Begin afresh, afresh, afresh next year.

After Isolation has lifted

Bleating within your imagination
you tell me after isolation finally finishes
on an unexpected telephone call
you would stroll down to Shipley Woods
and hold the air in your hands
like a lost friend the first time you can
before perspiring under broken clouds,

saying you would quiver in the leaves
like you were stood on the last place on Earth
hallucinating in a merry fury
trying not to frighten the
horses in the meadows
and the Owls
that lead all the way to Newton Hall,

and you would throw your voice up
you would start paying attention to friends
whom you haven’t spoken to in ages
and stop stomping around everywhere
at 100 miles per hour
miles from where I stood
clearly forgetting how much I had moved on.

Andy N is the author of four full length poetry collections, the most recent being ‘the streets were all we could see’ and is the Podcast host / co host of series such as Spoken Label, Reading in Bed, Comics Unity and Wrestle-Up.

He co-hosts Stretford’s always welcoming Literature Open Mic ‘Speak Easy and does ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle.

His blog is:

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Lucy Heuschen
3 years ago

Thank you for these poems, Andy. I especially like the repetition of “afresh” in the first poem and your grounded sense of place in the second.

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