Two Poems

By Katie Green


The fires of difference
have never burned so late, so long
as the Wild falls, thundering,
to waves and flames of divisiveness,
beaches battered, along with cities
that have already, in past lives,
had to succumb to potent winds.

Here’s hoping the Greek alphabet
delivers hurricanes of change
(for aren’t we all tired of burnout, tired
of our collective, hibernative sleep?)
while pandemic reveals the energy of
shadows that worked stealthily behind
closed corporate, church, townhall doors,
the domination that once was unrealized,
but now has been released upon
the awareness of the masses.

Oh, America:

the textbook lies in wait to reveal to us
a new edition of our worn out, tattered story,
since we have not the ears to listen
to it read aloud – told to us – any longer.
She – writer, poet, Creatrix – begs her audience,
her nation: please…let me make of you a story;
it can emerge in you as a blinking face of change,
but you, dear ones, my natives, you settlers,
must help me write it, now…

Help me please, to join together
our reflective shards of struggle
with the fire, the water, the loss and building,
the merging and fusion and amalgamation
so that what reflects is something
we long to see


The Earth beckoned us to her bosom today,
releasing her kundalini, serpents,
dragon energy spiraling up to our crown,
coupling, slithering down to our roots again…

They say the virus is not even alive
(those humans who proclaim to know)
but when I asked, corona reassured me
that what it had unraveled was truly conscious.

In her longing for alliance, synergy,
the Earth knelt before me, vibrating
pulsing, nearing climax, begging us
her companions, for union, partnership,

while I begged the crown for infection,
speaking to that which could not hear,
all so I could, at the end, announce that I –
(yes, a mere human) had beaten it down –

heralding triumphant domination!
But…could it be, forsooth, that instead,
that virus which was not even alive;
and She, the Earth, so “unaware,”

were in fact, invariably, reigning,
blazing goddess crowns
over me…?

Going inward has been my primary focus during this time of global pandemic.  During this process of descending inside myself, into the heart space and into the chakras, it has become clear that this is where each of us meets and connects to the collective consciousness of the rest of humanity, the rest of creation, and the Source of creation itself.  This experience of the collective – our collective bonds and collective experiences (traumatic as well as growth experiences) – have felt particularly visible during thid time of Covid.  I believe this virus, despite its hardships, is serving to bring many of us deeper into the collective experience and evolution of our species…and this is what has poured forth of late from my pen.

This poem is intended to reflect the overwhelming ways that the human species has treated nature – by using unrelenting force and domination, and by assuming that we are more intelligent than nature Herself. The way we have dominated the Earth’s species is the way we are also responding to Covid-19 – as if it does not have its own consciousness, intelligence, or purpose. Attempting to dominate, rather than learn from, the natural world is similar to the domination the patriarchal (“yang”) institutions have had in squashing the feminine (“yin”) energies, and has created a situation that is so out of balance that it seems on the border of becoming irreparable – unless there is an immediate shift in the the collective consciousness on the part of humanity.

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Laura Grevel
3 years ago

American and Earth personified! Wonderful density of emotion and pulse of life in these poems!

Poetry and Covid-19 ARCHIVE (This website archives the over 1000 poems submitted by over 600 poets, and viewed by over 100,000 from over 125 countries during the Covid-19 pandemic, June 2020-June 2021). Thank you to all who took part in the Poetry and Covid project.

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