Christmas Bubbles

By Bernadette Sweeney

A Covid Christmas beckons,
household Christmas bubbles arranged.
I think, how daunting, outlandish
This situation is –

mixed messages thrown around,
pass the parcel as
Government dictates our festive period,
a solution mix of three bubbles.

A joyous festive time tarnished by
a silent venomous predator –
sweeping through global darkness,
yet sparks of light and hope arise
as a vaccine is born.

Mankind, they battle a respiratory war,
frontline staff gasping for air,
putting up a fight –
calamitous to humanity.

Christmas bubbles, will this cause further
cloud filled lockdowns, overwhelming
phenomenal, depleted health staff?

Covid-19 prevails.
Christmas bubbles like never before,
Twenty twenty –
I’ll be glad to close your opaque door.
I’ll be glad for the vaccine to soar.

I started writing poetry for the first time just after lockdown, it was out of the blue and I’ve never looked back. Writing, reading work from many great poets throughout this pandemic has been comforting and therapeutic during these challenging times, as well as connecting with others 🙂

From Ireland, currently living in Liverpool with my husband & two girls.
Started writing and reading poetry after the first national lockdown –
It’s been a great outlet during these unprecedented times and making sense of this pandemic. I wrote this poem during a time when Christmas Bubbles/household mixing was discussed/reviewed by Government and the mixed messages throughout, as cases were rising.

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