Three Poems

By Smita Pradhan


The world was rushing and hurtling forward at great speed
The pace was hurting nature and mother earth indeed
So maybe it was she who prayed for some relief
Stop! She said don’t cause me any more grief
Maybe this is an end of the world as we know it
A kind of doomsday which no one did predict
Has Nature gone into a destruction mode
Is Earth recharging, or changing the mother board
Or is it just another man made war on humanity
World war lll being fought with all loss of sanity
It’s surely brought the world to a grinding halt
Decimating populations with no biased thought
And all mankind can do is kneel down and pray
Wherefore social animal, stay home, stay away.

Let’s beat it

Covid19, Virus non compare
Tired of hearing these words everywhere
Turn on the TV, radio or any other media
The new C word is causing quite a scare

Agreed Nature has dished out a menace
But she has also made us a smarter race
Diseases like smallpox have vanished without a trace
Let’s send Covid19 packing by maintaining physical space

We lived with the spectre of malaria
We have success against polio n diphtheria
Now vaccinate against the Covid 19 strain of Corona

It’s time we take a stand against it
This too shall pass and we’ll beat it.
Meanwhile let’s learn to live with it and inspite of it !!!!

Follow the norms of distancing
Use the proper norms for masking
Don’t forget about hand washing or sanitising!!


I gaze up at the sky
To see fluffy white clouds dancing
Soon with the seasons changing
The clouds turn all shades of grey
The drizzle soon turns into rain
Bathing my upturned face.
Streams running a little race
Passing from somewhere to nowhere

I gaze out of the window
And see children playing by their mothers’ side
Soon they will grow up to become adults
Their childish pastimes and games
Passing from somewhere to nowhere

I gaze upon the rising sun
Spreading brightness in our life
Then begins the hustle and bustle of daily living
New challenges to be faced some easy others frustrating
In life’s eternal journey
Of passing from somewhere to nowhere

I gaze at the mirror
And wonder upon this reflection I see
So familiar and yet so different
The changes so subtle but apparent
The mirror which never lies
Says not a word of the feelings inside
The doubts beginning to creep
Of passing from somewhere to nowhere

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