Corona Woes

By Sunita Sahu

Fear of corona everywhere,
Those ICUs reek of helplessness and despair!
Inconsolable tears, irreplaceable losses,
Shortage of wood for burning those corpses!
Resistant mutant strains, death toll on high rise,
Families aghast at their loved ones sudden demise!
Let’s unite together and pray,
For emergence of another beautiful day!
With those vaccinations on a roll,
Corona will soon be under our control!
Masks and sanitizers are still mandatory,
Remember, it’s never the end of the story!
Face your fears with indomitable spirit,
Let Corona be a mighty lesson for you to inherit!
Stay strong, stay brave,
With your valiant attitude and determined will, you have a whole world to save!

My poem is dedicated to all valiant warriors out there who have been struggling for quite some time. Through this poem, I want to encourage them to keep fighting, never lose hope and patiently await for a Corona free world!

Having said that, I actually started with mere scribblings during lockdown phase. I penned down my emotions in verses. Being home quarantined for more than a year, watching my loved ones suffer from Covid, hearing sad news of demise of many of my close friends and colleagues etched a deep scar on my heart. Amidst these trying times, there has to be some positivity instilled in the hearts of those warriors struggling to live (Covid warriors) and those struggling to save lives (Front line warriors). Hence, I just penned down my heartfelt emotions through this poem and wanted to let the world know that they are not battling alone. We all are struggling, fighting and we must never forget that every cloud has a silver lining. This too shall pass!

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Smruti Saurav Nayak
Smruti Saurav Nayak
2 years ago


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