Nursing the Inflicted

By Natasha Anne Kelleher

Every morning I leave my bed
To go to a vocational job
Where others fear and dare not tread
I travel to work on an almost empty bus
My face covered in a protective mask
Hiding my identity and profession
The NHS’s gargantuan task

My resolve in my mind so determined
Facing the life-threatening disease
To protect staff whilst still
Saving innocents from viral death
We pray the curve in its trail is spliced
Hoping to reduce mortality’s last breath

While all others imposed to stay at home
Fearing a virus they dread and could spread
To avoid families having to mourn and grieve
Sadness for those who have tragically succumbed
To the deadly double named virus
Corona & Covid-19
We are shocked and numbed

Fellow doctors and nurses tend
To those who can scarcely breath
We hope in our hearts that medication
And God gives them their life saving reprieve
The stress to staff is now showing
Its slowly creeping toll
On their shoulders they
Feel the catastrophe’s heavy woe

Each night when I lay down my weary head
I am thankful I have done my best
Experiencing such a challenging test
May God bless and rejuvenate me

During my much earned sleep
To rise valiantly tomorrow
To face once again difficulties in which
This world is now perilously steeped.

Natasha Anne Kelleher: I am a poet/actress and have recently received a plaudit for another pandemic poem I wrote called Synergy Sympatico from @probablytomfoolery who wrote The Great Realisation which has had over 6 million views worldwide and now immortalised in the book of the same name. Writing poetry is a passion for me I love to set a scene or story in a more concise and powerful way and hope that it evokes and emotes and resonates with anyone who reads my work.

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Geraldine Ann Ford
Geraldine Ann Ford
3 years ago

I like the imagery in your poem and can feel both your distress and pride through the words. I have a friend who has been on he frontline and I know how it has affected her.

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