The Little Girl

By Sana Mahmood

The Little Girl watched from her windowsill,
Trying to remember what life was like before it went downhill,
The people of her country had been forced to go into hiding,
She let out a sigh and wondered how long she could go on surviving.
The Little Girl looked up to the sky and prayed,
To see her school friends and experience the school upgrade,
But she lived in a world of wonder that was filled with diseases and plenty,
The friends she wished for had been put to rest in the year 2020.
The Little Girl smiled as she felt a cold breeze against her face,
She kept herself busy but this wasn’t always the case,
She longed to go outside once more,
Whilst keeping her distance, something she hadn’t done before.
The Little Girl coughed and sneezed,
Now was not the time to give in to this disease,
Her adventure inside had been long and prolonged,
For now, she knew this was okay as it was where she belonged.

Sana Mahmood: This poem was a tribute to all the children who may have lost out on a vital part of their life. Whether that be moving up to school or being with their friends, the pandemic would have had an unspoken impact on them. The lives of children have often been overshadowed during this time by things like government regulations, medical advances and statistics.

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