Two Poems

By Rose Cook

I said No

What surprised me was,
when they said I could go out
I didn’t want to.
My world has become this,
my home, my house,
complete as a child’s
made vast by imagination
streaming the world,
wild and all the time,
my beloved here too.

I am afraid that to go out
will break all that,
make my world small again.
Seems ambition has gone
leaving me unconcerned.
I notice how I like to laugh.

Alarm is in the Air

Blackbird rattles early morning, fills space.
Violets tuck along a step,
magnolias open to dull air.
Spring slips out.

My granddaughter draws a picture.
She bends over the kitchen table.
It shows seals on a beach,
each slope the same way.

In the background she has drawn
a wall of icebergs broken open
to crash into the sea.
She worries about the world.

Our aged aunt battles in hospital.
Hair wild, her will unbends.
This is not conscious dying. Her notes say:
‘uncooperative, refusal to eat’.

How we unravel.
Grief shows its shape in various ways.
Things that seemed indomitable are changed.

Rose Cook is a poet and photographer who lives in Devon. She co-founded the popular Devon poetry and performance forum One Night Stanza, as well as poetry performance group Dangerous Cardigans.

Her poetry has been published in five collections, her latest is called Sightings (published by Hen Run @ Grey Hen Press).

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Dominic Rivron
3 years ago

The link to I Said No showed merely the first three lines. I thought, what a great haiku! I should add, I like the whole poem, too. I can relate to it: it hits a nerve and speaks for me.

Moira Garland
3 years ago

The first of these poems must resonate with so many of us, especially these lines that reflect a reality and yet reflect a different world:
make my world small again.
Seems ambition has gone
leaving me unconcerned.

3 years ago

Yes,it’s going to take quite an effort to start going out as much as we used to.

Malcoln Twigg
Malcoln Twigg
3 years ago

Brilliant imagery and incisive commentary. I fully assicuate with the first of the two. Well done Rose.

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