Silent Park

By Carol Fenwick

Searching for reasons why,
against a clear blue sky, it has come to this?
In sultry spring sunshine, by the River Cray,
it is time to reflect.
Today brings an avalanche of responses why we could go out and not stay in.
Though sense requires social distancing.
I dodge a young runner who also walks a dog.
I move towards the tiny waterfall,
lapping, not even hearing a bark.
Just the gentle gush of water
and the hiss of traffic, as life hums to a hideous near standstill.
I realise the need for distance and cross to the other side of the road.
As I see an elderly man and a removal van
and the frost glitters silver on new spring grass.
I know that eventually this time will pass.

Carol Fenwick is an author and poet from Orpington, Kent. You can find her on Twitter at @GWardAuthor. Her blog is

Photo by SM Jenkin

I found a strange calm surround me at the start of lockdown. No more rushing around. With fewer people about, I was able to appreciate nature even more. This is what inspired me to write ‘Silent Park’. Finding beauty in the stillness and serenity of silence.

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3 years ago

Lovely poem… very tranquil. Thank you

Carol Fenwick
3 years ago
Reply to  Audrey

Thanks very much.

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