Two Poems

By Tim Resau

Mahi-Mahi on the Sidewalk

Dashed together, toasted—
foam throat, with cough—
devoid of voice, & thoughtless.
Dream mind upon awakening—
bumped knowledge bone broken.
Words upon the wall strained,
bloated, running thru black paint, dripping….
Crawling along ancient dumpsters
in the welcomed city rain.

Covid – 19

The tide rises quickly—
body after body.
No one seeing,
everyone looking.
The tide rises,
taking them away,
Everyone looking, no one seeing.
A problem of misunderstanding,
a story without a path,
the sky dense with death—
body after body.
The tide rises quickly like denial
following the faceless.
A simple choice, following the faceless,
without wearing a mask,
risking it all for a demented smile—
the tide rises within a sea of denial.

Timothy Resau is an American writer of fiction and poetry, originally from Baltimore, Maryland. His career has been in the international wine industry. He is currently residing in coastal North Carolina, and he has just completed a novel Three Gates East. His writings have appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Eskimo Pie, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Down in the Dirt.

My poems appear to me from an emotional connection, which, I guess, could be described as inspiration. It (the “emotional” connection) can be something as simple as a stranger’s shadow, or a love one’s illness. Whatever, it is, the emotional impact sparks a creative interest that could perhaps become a poem.

As for my interest in reading poetry in the time of Covid-19, or about why—that is difficult to answer. What is of interest, and what I have not seen or read about, is the human indifference. How can so many conscious human beings ignore the danger? That to me is astonishing, and precisely why I wrote “Mahi-Mahi on the Sidewalk,” and Covid19.”

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