Because This is My Brave New Self

By Tricia Waller

On days that end in a ‘y’
I just lie ……… in this bed,
Instead of choosing to face the day.
It is my own way of coping
And no I am not joking.
Because this is my brave new self.

I neither know not care.
I am blissfully unaware
of a world outside my window.
I lay curled up on my side
like a baby and maybe just
Because this is my brave new self?

For why cannot you see
That this is all about me.
When it ends and they set us free
It will still be all about me.
For I carry all your hopes and schemes, your plans and dreams.
Because this is my brave new self.

Now you go away if you please.
No don’t get down upon your knees!
Just leave in a dignified way.
I do not wish for you to stay.
I need to be alone ………….On my own.
Because this is my brave new self.

I live in Hertfordshire right near the Lee Valley Country Park love writing and find inspiration and calmness walking especially in the early mornings.

This poem is dedicated to all the poor forgotten souls who could barely cope before Covid 19 but now are lost behind locked doors both real and metaphorical  with little chance of escape in the near future for sadly mental health problems are still treated as the Cinderella of illnesses!

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