Waiting for this block to end

By Adele Duffield

My words are queueing,
like everyone else,
not yet ready for gluing
themselves together.
Like unwritten rules,
they keep apart, two metres
on lonely lily-pads of existence
in my mind,
for the moment
a tentative touch is granted
by this writing hand.
Pulling towards one another,
like the first embrace of lovers.
Renewed trust begins to grow
and with a long-held, heart-felt hug
poetry once again starts to flow.

Adele Duffield: I’m an Outreach Librarian, live reading, writing, poetry mainly, but have written a full length Play as well as a few other things. I’m a garden and wildlife enthusiast, and love walking so living near the sea and by the moors inspires my writing.

I found the enormity of Covid-19 stilted my writing for some time as I found it hard to try and capture the words that would be suitable to match its impact on our world.  It made me feel vulnerable and inadequate so I spent the first few weeks absorbing the eerie silence and beauty of my natural surroundings.

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Veronica Carolan
Veronica Carolan
3 years ago

Adele, this poem really endows words with life. If I have any criticism, it is that I find the anthropomorphism at the end is a little too much – just a bit more than inanimate words can bear. You shared it with our poetry group, and now, seeing it again, I am struck again by the apposite similes which can apply to any writer’s block. Because of this, it has a wider appeal than in a lockdown situation. The early rhyme captured my attention, and you cleverly bring in the parallels between Covid-related behaviour and the ‘behaviour’ of words. Thank you again!

Poetry and Covid-19 ARCHIVE (This website archives the over 1000 poems submitted by over 600 poets, and viewed by over 100,000 from over 125 countries during the Covid-19 pandemic, June 2020-June 2021). Thank you to all who took part in the Poetry and Covid project.

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