Escaping Spain

By Howard Pell

Málaga airport
Ten thousand souls looking to flee

We’re hoping for standby
Our names called, we’re chosen

Everyone holds their breath
Lest the next one contains the virus

We speak in whispers
Nervous giggles behind masks

We snake our way
Through corrals of anxiety

Passed harried security
Towards the gate

Then silence.
A deserted hallway, the last 100 metres

The dreaded announcement
“Last call for the following passengers”

We run, our breath in masks
Steaming our glasses

We reach the gate
“Hurry up!”

The door closes behind us
“Fasten Seatbelts”

We slip the surly bonds
On our way home

Howard has written two non-fiction books: Retire Fit, Fit and Fit ( and co-authored Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts ( He has written many short stories and poems, and is working on his first novel.

Howard retired in 2014 and is a writer, videographer, Flamenco promoter, Rotarian and a world traveller. Howard and his wife Rosemary live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Howard and his wife cut short their visit to Spain in April, catching one of the last flights to Canada just before the borders closed.

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