It might be the last lesson

By Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak

just yesterday they believed it would be okay
they fought for every breath, for every sip of life
today rows of only empty chairs remind of them,
the cat mewing in the armchair and dog in tears

loved ones should be close, but they were so far away
there was no one to hold their hands and tightly hug
now they lay lonely in rows of nameless coffins
in the middle of nowhere waiting for the grave

where did it all start and how it happened, who knows?
they say in China but are they really sure?
if there would not be the pursuit of money and power
there would not be so many hungry people in the world

there is enough money for bombs and space rockets
the food drowns in the sea by some madmen creatures
and their sick visions instead of feeding the hungry
although tomorrow, our world may cease to exist

it is still not too late to shake off the madness
to learn from this cruel and maybe last warning
first of all, people must be treated equally
the rest will slowly follow when you open your heart

Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak is a Pole since 2004 lives in the UK. She has published seven volumes of poetry; four in Polish and three in English. She also writes prose and released a novel and a few short story collections. Her work may be found in about 100 worldwide anthologies and magazines. Winner of many poetry competitions. Proud holder of many diplomas, awards, and distinctions. She is also a translator to fellow poets, translates from and into English. Her poetry was translated into 20 languages.

I write poetry for as long as I remember. It started in primary school. Whenever something bothers me, makes me happy or sad it brings poems. Very often I am inspired by paintings or music as well.

Present time, a pandemic time is extremely difficult for everyone no matter where they live. I do suffer from asthma so I was very scared at the beginning when TV, Radio, and Press were bombarding us every day with deadly, scary headlines. Pictures of rows of coffins waiting in a queue to be buried without loved ones to farewell them.

All of that brought poems about my feelings related to the present situation.

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Danuta Duszynska
Danuta Duszynska
3 years ago

Congratulation dear friend Bożena for this important poems during time of madness and fear.

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