By Lucy Heuschen

I woke up with a poem
then made a cup of tea.
Within that time of waiting
the words escaped from me.

I should have grabbed my notebook
and written straight away.
Instead I fed my need for tea
and lost my bloody way.

Perhaps again I’ll find it
by drinking deep and long.
For in the tea’s my homeland –
a flower and a song.

Dedicated to anyone living overseas and unable to get home. I wrote this poem about missing my family in the UK, which of course I do, terribly and often. The best we can do this year is a video chat over a cup of tea. For me, Earl Grey with its heavenly bergamot aroma is the scent of home.

Lucy Heuschen (Twitter link: @Rainbow_Poems) is a British poet living in Germany. Publications include Irisi, Covid Narratives, FEED, Unlimited, Beyond Wordsand,forthcoming, Near Window,The Great Margin and Green Ink Poetry Press. She is founder of The Rainbow Poems and Sonnets for Shakespeare initiatives.

Lockdown in a foreign country has been especially challenging, especially so as I am still recovering from breast cancer treatment. I have found reading and writing poetry to be one of the few ways available to find sanctuary from an over-crowded home. My husband and sons might not understand it, but they know they get a happier Mummy as a result of time I spend in my writing room.

Throughout lockdown, I have gained a diverse group of trusted poetry friends through online workshops, readings and social media. I even gained a wonderful poetry mentor to help me to develop my writing practice!               

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Kate Jenkinson
Kate Jenkinson
3 years ago

I love this poem. It’s simplicity belies the fact this is an everyday event for me during lockdown. Drinking tea losing my way and writing the odd poem.

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