Two Poems

By Deborah Harvey

Deborah Harvey’s poems have been widely published. Her fifth poetry collection, Learning Finity, will be published by Indigo Dreams in 2021. Deborah is co-director of The Leaping Word poetry consultancy.  

16th April: Dr Bermard Rieux is the narrator of ‘La Peste’, a novel by Albert Camus that was published in 1947 and tells the story of a plague sweeping the French Algerian city of Oran.

At the start of the nationwide lockdown I discovered a meadow, small wood and common within half a mile of my home that I’d never come across before, despite living in the area all my life. It’s proved to be a huge solace during a very difficult time of loss. We’ve seen wildlife there that we never expected to be thriving in these industrial edgelands.  Plus foxes, which live at the end of our garden and have been a constant presence. 

I haven’t written very much this year, but I’ve been watching and making notes, walking and reading. It feels to me as if this time will be a catalyst for change, not just in the way we work and spend our leisure time, but in our relationship to nature and the planet, the way we write and make art. I hope so, anyway. 

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Deborah wright harvey
Deborah wright harvey
2 years ago

Just brilliant enjoyed them very much

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