Three Haikus

By Karen Harvey

masked fear
the bravado in our
video calls

this crown
of thorns

together alone
forty-fifth anniversary
we are enough

From “Unmasked in the time of Covid -19”

I have cared for my husband, who is also my best friend since an accident in 1994 left him with disabilities and chronic pain, and I have had to become something of an advocate for him and three of our adult children since their diagnoses of a rare neurological disease which leaves all of them very vulnerable to Covid.

Other than a quick dash across the road for my daily swim in the sea, weather permitting, I do not leave the house and as my husband still need to be shielded. I get quite stressed when shopping or post is delivered. I wash and/or quarantine all incoming deliveries in soapy water as a precaution.

Karen started writing poetry nearly twenty years ago, initially when dealing an episode of depression. She develop her writing and started submitting her poems, then she discoved a residential course about writing for wellbeing in 2009. She went, it was a life changing experience. She realised just how therapeutic writing could be for herself and others so she started writing for wellbeing workshops in her community. Thanks to Zoom her groups continue online.

Writing and reflecting, whether alone or in community is very beneficial, during times of change or distress. Being able to share our stories, our joys and fears within a supportive community reminds us that we are not alone. It doesn’t matter if people haven’t written before, thoughtful prompts can help them find their voice, and if they choose to, the joy of sharing.

Karen’s poems have been published in print and online journals and anthologies. Her haiku and senyru have been translated into several languages.

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