New Beginings

By Linda Hibbin

Oblivious to – the dog that barks,
The masked who pass,
Curtains that twitch,
Mosquito bites that itch!

In a bubble they sit – two meters apart –
Each telling the tales of their youth.
Over the months their confidence strengthens.
They are not afraid of telling the truth.

They laugh over indiscretions and dilemmas
That, at the time, had seemed so ‘page one,’
They share the highlights of their existence,
Enjoying getting to know someone.

His door is open, a future, ‘come in for a cuppa,’
Their arms stretch along the back of the seat.
It seems daft – but like teenagers, they are nervous
As ………. so gently ………… their fingertips meet.

I am a septuagenarian, living in Essex with a mischievous terrier.. My life has revolved around teaching crafts to adults. When I retired I began mosaicking which has become an addiction!

I discovered the joy of the written word during Lockdown. I was feeling very low and a friend recommended a Mindfulness and Meditation course run by the WEA on Zoom. I was rubbish, the brain was too busy, BUT I discovered  writing courses and signed up for several. I have always enjoyed reading poetry and have dabbled with writing poems in the past – more Pam Ayres than Tennison – but I am learning such a lot chatting to other students and receiving feedback for my feeble offerings! I love this new challenge.

This is how I found a new friend during a time when my family were far away and my friends were sensibly isolating. 

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