Figuring New Normal

By Hardarshan Singh Valia

1) Wear Mask

Images undulating
Eclipsed face
Desire a shape
Mask is the Index of Mind
Read if you can

2)Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing
To the six feet
Droplet of words
Rain onto sidewalk
Collect if you can.

3) Wash Hands

Wash hands
Remove viruses
Allow hands to do
What they were meant for
To hold others’ hands

Published in Wards Literary Journal, Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, Poetic Medicine, Who Writes Short Shorts, Dove Tales – Writing for Peace- an anthology, Caesura, Sage-ing, Literary Veganism, and COVID tales journal.  Photo and poems are copied below.

Sitting in front of a computer screen in America, participating in a virtual funeral going on in England, unable to touch, to place a kiss, and to offer a rose, the heart wailed and words silently dropped as tears on a blank piece of paper giving shape to a poem Virtual Funeral in Covid-19 World ( ).

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