Three Poems

By Lina Krishnan

The Despatch Table

That held

A hat or two
A book for metro rides Letters to post
Some harvest for a neighbour

Now houses

A sanitizer
Surgical spirit
Cloth masks

A new world in 36 inches

Unplugged Moon

When the white noise
Of the virtual world dies down
A song emerges
I listen to the sounds of the night
And hold the dark between finger and thumb

What quality of enchantment lies here?
In this sudden hush
In the moonlight that glides along the rooftops
And turns the tree silver

This tree, a dawn perch for all the birds in the universe
Is silent now, its branches stretched in repose
Like a tired woman

It too, seems glad to switch off

Locked Down Scribe

I feel like penning a note to a friend
And I will too. At least writing is not under curfew

But after that? The post office is open, I hear
I have to first convince that Cop at the Corner, though
That letters are of import too

I wish I were in Kerala, where they recognise
That books are necessary medicine even in a pandemic.
These exchanges of thoughts and ideas, are what keep us going
When we cannot go anywhere

It’s become like those WWII signboards
“Is your journey really necessary?”
I haven’t been to the bank or the chemist in six weeks
Letters are definitely an indulgence, even for poets

Who consider them necessary coinage

So I will keep my notes to myself
And collect them in a cloth bag
Till, one day, my friends and folks
Find them at the door

Will they take them in, though?
I wonder!

As the world turns, writing and drawing have been my tools to retain sanity and energy. Here are three recent poems. 

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3 years ago

Thanks for reading, Tabish Nawaz. It’s hard to imagine anything without books. Ranjit thanks again. Karuna, hello after ages 🙂

3 years ago

Thank you Tabish, Ranjit for your insightful comments. Karuna, hello after ages 🙂

Suzie Scollon
Suzie Scollon
3 years ago

Eva-Marie Mergahrt sent me the link to these timely poems. Keep writing and reading.

3 years ago
Reply to  Suzie Scollon

Suzie, thank you so much! Eva’s an inspiration.

Karuna Rosset
Karuna Rosset
3 years ago

Whaooooh Lina, didn’t know you were a poet too. Bravo, keep it up.

Ranjit Powar
Ranjit Powar
3 years ago

Truly relevant and incisive of the turn to a different world.

Tabish Nawaz
Tabish Nawaz
3 years ago

‘That books are necessary medicine even in a pandemic’ – this is well-put. I cannot imagine convalescing without books.

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