The View from Here

By Sue Hunter

There’s not much of a view from here –
The white house opposite,
Our car, a picket fence with its garden gate
– and a little cherry tree,
Not in blossom now, but next spring, it’s bound to be.

A train rumbles along the track nearby ¬–
Clickety-click, clickety-clack,
Reassuringly familiar, it’s the local train
– not the London one,
Probably empty now, probably late, but, soldiering on.

Wet leaves grease a glistening road –
Dangerous if you move too fast.
A slower world, with time to wonder
– and imagine what might be,
When once again, blossom blooms on the cherry tree.

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Simon Thompson
Simon Thompson
3 years ago

I like the optimistic tone of this; it’s a problem, but one that can be surmounted

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