Two Poems

By Lorraine Lambeth

Life with Covid

I fear every cough and every wheeze
Every sniff and every sneeze
Hands face space is the name of the game
I do it daily over and over again
My hands I wash til red and raw
Clean every surface, floor and door
Lipstick has become a dream of the past
No point wearing it behind a mask
Evening in Paris was once my perfume
Now essence of Dettol scents every room
I need a loud hailer to greet a friend in the street
Binoculars to see them if by chance we should meet
As long as I can taste and smell
I like to hope that all is well.

Battle of the Giants

Coming soon to a place near you,
Oceans and deserts are no barriers,
Vast areas shall I infect,
Intensive care will be overwhelmed,
Death and despair shall I bring.

Victory shall be ours,
And you will be defeated,
Cut down in your prime,
Consigned to history,
Irrepressible are we,
Not even you can stop us,
Ensuring the
Survival of the human race.

Writing is an outlet for my thoughts and a way of expressing my feelings and emotions. I usually only write for myself but I do sometimes share my efforts with my family if I am writing about a shared event or experience.

 I wanted to share my Covid poem with a wider audience as a way of connecting with people. Although we are all in the same boat , at the same time we feel scared, alone and isolated.

Mine is a simple poem about how Covid has impacted on our day to day lives; those changes are what unite us. I wrote my poem to be light-hearted and funny as humour helps us cope in stressful times. I also wanted to create a picture of living history. 

I view myself as an ordinary person living in extraordinary times.

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Michael Polgar
2 years ago

Last four lines are superb! Social distance well-described; ending well in a hopeful couplet.

2 years ago

Yes. Fear has risen everywhere. Thanks for sharing the sentiment!

Jane Rainford
Jane Rainford
2 years ago

Lovely poem, true to life at the moment but with humour,brought a smile to my face on a dark dismal day.

2 years ago

A lovely poem remembering the simple things we took for granted that we now miss. Beautiful words and thoughts.

Stacey Tiley
Stacey Tiley
2 years ago

Lovely poem Lorraine x

3 years ago

Lovely rhymed poem capturing exactly how life is at the moment ❤

Glenda Read
Glenda Read
3 years ago

This poem made me smile as i have done similar things!

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