You First

By Larry Lefkowitz

The “You First” phenomenon began to manifest itself
As the corona vaccine became a fact and not a promise.
The request of a partner of his or her significant other
To test the vaccine before he or she received it.
In patriarchal societies, the husband requested his wife
To be the first of them to test the Vaccine.
If she showed no ill effects, he would take it.
If she suffered, or worse, left the world, he would not take it and,
Though he took a new partner, he would remember her fondly.
In matriarchal societies, the wife designated her husband to test the vaccine.
If it was successful and there were no accompanying symptoms
She would receive the vaccine and marital harmony would be restored.
In engagement situations, or boyfriend-girlfriend situations,
The dominant partner would insist that the other take the vaccine.
A refusal would end the relationship, as would, of course,
The demise of the partner.
And there was the “Romeo and Juliette choice,” or “Me, Too” choice,
When both parties would take the vaccine and survive together or go together.
As the vaccines increasingly proved themselves these choices became
Less of a challenge and the result was more stable and lasting relationships.
Everyone was happy, except the divorce lawyers and love advice columnists.

As I am older, although i miss restaurants, etc, being in the house less of a burden, especially for a writer who can keep busy. It’s a very serious time, but a little humor can’t hurt.

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2 years ago

Nice! Sad that we have become a “You First” culture; a somewhat selfish culture.

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