The Virus of Christmas Past

By Simon Leak

I am the virus of Christmas Past
and for your New Year’s Day,
as there’s nothing that I want more
for people to gather, talk and play.

For, if I am in the blood of one
then I’m sure to have a ball
as when you laugh, kiss and hug
then I’ll soon infect you all.

And I like the young and fools
who believe they are immune,
but then pass me on with ease
to everybody in the room.

Now, remember never to wash your hands
and please don’t wear a mask
as that will make it more difficult
to complete my deadly task.

And you’ll find in me no sympathy
or remorse when I see you cry,
after you have passed me on
and you’ve caused your relatives to die.

Yes, I am the virus of Christmas Past,
be my present and drop your guard,
then I’ll feed upon your lungs
and commit you to an early graveyard.

I tend to write when I am stressed about something and find it a good relief. Since I’ve already come up with two Covid poems, I’m now working on the topic of Christmas cracker jokes – something to bring a smile to faces instead of gloom!!!

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Germina Melius
Germina Melius
2 years ago

Characters, Corona, and our indifference or complacency, I love this poem.

Simon Leak
Simon Leak
2 years ago
Reply to  Germina Melius

Thank you, Germina. I’ve just had my first jab so, hopefully, will survive. Simon

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