By Noeleen Fasolilli

If lockdown has held me back,
I welcome every strap,
That loosened thought and tongue and sight,
And left me dreaming through the night,
Of worlds in peace and nature freed,
And families close without a need.

If lockdown has held us back,
We welcome every strap,
That now allows us home to be,
As part of family, sat on knee,
And buildings vacant soon to be,
New homes new birth, new future see?

If lockdown holds the world back,
Still welcome every strap,
That now gives time reflect, reset,
And slows the sphere on axis yet,
So, world can heal and mend its way,
And offer new and unique days.

So open arms and break free now,
Release the strap, show others how,
Embrace the change and find a way,
To see a future, bright new day.

My friends whatsapp group, ‘Poets and Performers’ have  encouraged me throughout the lockdown to open up creatively. Initially I felt my place was best suited to read and comment on friends’ work and encourage them  more. One day I felt words flow and realised that they were mine. Since then I continue to listen to them and try to capture them the best way I can. I have just started a project with an amateur photographer friend who has put her photographs alongside my work to further the imagination of the reader.

Photo by Jane Andrews

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Julie Allyn Johnson
2 years ago

YES. I agree with the sentiment here. I’ve learned time alone can be time well spent. Husband and I both feel fortunate: we’re home and thus, we’re safe. I enjoyed your poem.

2 years ago

This is so beautiful! Lockdown has brought confinement and the visual of being tied down with a strap so powerful but then to also see the hope. The positive side and all the freedom found in slowness that had be lost.

Mary A Gorman
Mary A Gorman
2 years ago

The power of the word strap used within the context of restrictions and yet brings forth freedom. Love it

2 years ago

This poem captures well the mood of confinement experienced by so many, while expressing hope and optimism for a better future – just what is needed in Lockdown.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alan

Totally agree Alan. Thank you for this Noeleen

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