My New Year Ditty

By Denise Simblet

2020- it was one of those years
Dotted with good times, surrounded by tears
Lots of hometime to keep us all well
Not much together time – for me that was hell
We enjoyed being in the garden & spent lots of time in the park
The days seemed never ending, from dawn until dark
We did PE & baking & DIY too
To fill the hours of lockdown- & some new skills too !
We converted our back bedrooms to offices to work
We homeschooled from our kitchens- which sent us all berserk !
Some of us were lonely & craved some company
Some of us craved space & wanted to be free
We kept in touch as best we could
We wanted to be together
Thankfully, with being outside, we were blessed with sunny weather
We had our weekly zoom call, a focus in our week
Seeing all your lovely faces cheered up times that seemed bleak
But we have to count our blessings, none of us were ill
Let’s pray that remains the case , if it is Gods will
Christmas this year was strange & oh so very wrong
We were not together- but we were brave & we were strong
2021 is coming , let’s hope that it will be
Full of laughter & good times
And please , no misery
So let’s raise a glass to the new year & say goodbye to the last
Let’s hope & pray that covid is soon a thing of the past.

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