Two Poems

By Sathyani Kotakadeniya

Together Apart

Prisoners of our houses; humans in captivity
At this time of social isolation
We are more than just alone
Everyone rambling on
About how their lives are on hold
A start of a new decade
Has gone horribly wrong.
Our outlooks have changed
Our priorities need re-evaluation
It’s time to realise now more than ever
Who and what is more important.
So, let things fall apart a little while
Let the earth breathe
Learn a thing or two
Something you thought you’d never need.
Try to ensemble the broken pieces
Take this time to heal
For six feet or miles apart
Love transcends all boundaries.


First, it’s one meter
Next, it’s two
Masked, sanitised
We keep the distance; we keep up the war
Panic buying like crazy
Just a dry breeze out on the streets
Watching, reading, listening to the news
Paranoia hitting the breeze
Feral beasts; damned humans
Hibernating like animals for a winter
Self-interest at its centre
I like to think it’s fictitious
A dystopian novella
Fading humanity heightened arrogance
Where is human benevolence?
People might try to fight it alone
It’s contagious and to it, we are all prone
It’s in instances like this that we really see
The reality; the futility of life
Yet amidst this chaos, amidst the fear
Are skyscraper high egos
Not willing to negotiate
An army of careless incognitos
Put religion, race, colour aside
If you’re sick stay indoors without risking a life
Some asking for God’s help and some chanting away
What we really need right now are human hearts and brains.

Sathyani Kotakadeniya is a law and psychology undergraduate from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is the winner of the September 2020 Australian micro-fiction competition “Write from The Heart”.

A message on writing in the midst of a pandemic: Writing poetry is how I creatively express myself. I began to write on a larger scale from the start of the pandemic. My family is my source of inspiration behind this writing pursuit. In the midst of all the COVID-19 uncertainty, this is my silver lining.   

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