By Janet Thomas

Selfish ruthless invader,
Sneaking in covertly
Attacking wickedly,
By isolation and loneliness.
Depriving social contact,
Lowering self-esteem and
Worsening mental health.

Once you get a firm grip
You grow octopus’ arms,
Invading vital organs,
Making them weak.
With your tight grip
Squeezing their lungs and
Leaving them gasping for breath.

Most come out fighting-
As a warrior, few surrenders
Losing the battle
Leaving their legacy behind.

Those key workers, parents,
Grandparents, siblings,
children and friends
Gone before time.
Their inspiration and dedication are
The lamp we carry forward
To care for, and comfort
The sick and needy.

The health care workers,
Staying strong, fighting the war
Uniformed in fearless attire
Shielded in protective equipment and
Armored in indestructible courage.

In times of despair and loneliness
Your guardian angels,
Armed with six C’s*
Upholding the NHS values*
Always ready for shared tears
Chatter and laughter.

Offering every opportunity
To say goodbye to loved ones,
Preparing to grieve.
While thinking of our own
Loved ones far and near.

Covid, the cruel enemy of man kind
Your days are numbered.
The burning memories of
Those we lost before time
Irreversible plans, broken dreams,
The heartbreaking pain and
That unquenchable flame
Are preparing a pyre or
Digging up your grave.

The scientists and researchers
Spend sleepless nights,
Making the strongest weapon
To defeat you while,
The world’s population
Stand together in social distance.

Janet Thomas
Clinical Research nurse
NIHR, Manchester

  • Reference:
  • 6 C’S: – care, compassion, communication, courage, Competence, and commitment.
  • NHS Values: -working together for patients, Patients comes first in everything we do,
    respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, compassion, improving lives, everyone counts.
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3 years ago

Amazing poem! It was a lovely read.

3 years ago

Beautiful poem

Tony Sebastian
Tony Sebastian
3 years ago

Awesome, good job!

Florine Fernandes
Florine Fernandes
3 years ago

Well said Janet keep up your spirit. Excellent poem .

3 years ago

Lovely 💐

Jacqueline Beesley
Jacqueline Beesley
3 years ago

So beautiful yet so sad 🙏 🌹

Letha Benny
Letha Benny
3 years ago

Congratulations Janet👏Your poem is the reality of 2020. Waiting for your next poem, great recovery from Covid 19 by Janet 😀

Jessy Joseph
Jessy Joseph
3 years ago

Janet superb. Mixed with courage, challenge and kindness.

Thomas Varakukala
Thomas Varakukala
3 years ago

Well done Janet keep it up and take care 🙂

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