A Nurse’s Plea

By Yvonne Ugarte

Hold on tightly to my hand, Bill
I will not let go
Your family cannot be with you
As we must isolate you in this room
But I am here
I can see the fear in your eyes though you cannot speak
If only you could see behind ny mask
You would see the tears in my eyes
Hold on tightly to my hand, Bill
I will be your family
I will say soothing words and you will feel comforted in your last moments.
Do not be afraid as you drift peacefully from this world to the next
Your legacy will live on in the hearts of those whose lives you have touched
Hold on tightly to my hand, Bill
I will not let go
I will not let go

I was a nursing auxiliary for many years and this included working nights in a local Hospice.

The name ‘Bill’ does not relate to any particular person. I appreciated back then that all patients need is a hand to hold and for somebody to be there ..especially in their final moments 

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